The end is nigh… or was!

Saba Sadr's Art proposal

The reason the end was nigh is because today is the last day of the ART/WORLD/DISASTER exhibition at the AUB Byblos Bank Art Gallery. Final call to anyone who is interested in seeing this work in context.

However, as you see above, it’s not over for me yet.

With some reasonable set-backs and a few other priorities (this delightfully being one of them), I haven’t worked enough on the carpet. It needs quite some time without any distractions during a weaving session, or daily obstructions stopping me from getting started every day. I try to put in at least two hours a session, but it’s going to need a lot more for any visible progress to take place.

So, it was great news and opportunity when I visited the Art Project Space known as 392RMEIL393, run by George Rabbath, and was told I can apply with an artist proposal! I submitted the document above (also linked below in pdf format, if anyone cares to take a look) and am now hoping the 392RMEIL393 project space can house the loom!

That said, I hope for better and more productive days to come, where ever the next location.

And THAT said, here’s another little demonstration on the loom. Photos used here and in artist proposal are courtesy of Aya Krisht and Anastasia Matar.


Saba Sadr’s Art proposal

Also, please check out the details to this show. I have been assistant director after 3/4 of the progress has been made already, and I saw a magical concept and weeks of choreographing and narrating unfold right before me. For all residents of Beirut, reserve your places soon!



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