Project Statement

Syrian refugees in Turkey were given equipment and tools to manufacture textile carpets. By doing this, they may have the means to profit financially and fill the passage of time while they are displaced. I found out that little initiative such as this has been undertaken in Lebanon. Carpet weaving, much like the initiative, is also missing. The loom had to be built from scratch, and carpet weaving lessons had to be imparted by a craftsman. Initiating this effort was very slow, and completing the carpet could take months. How long can Syrian refugees wait through a new hobby? Can weaving a carpet fill their passage of time? Do the knots and textiles reveal more about their time since their displacement?

After the completion of the carpet, I intend to donate it to a Syrian family. The loom will be given to an organization or initiative that can offer its use to Syrian refugees, as well as any means to help teach and provide for carpet weaving.

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